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May 28 2014

Island life prompts evolution of larger plant seeds - Science News (blog)
Delegating The Dirty Work Is A Key To Evolution - Science 2.0

May 24 2014

Utah State study shows evolution can be predictable - Salt Lake Tribune
Evolution Made Ridiculous Flightless Birds Over and Over - Discover Magazine (blog)
Polar Bear Rapid Evolution Lets Them Be Fat Fit - Scientific American

May 23 2014

Did the Evolution of Animal Intelligence Begin With Tiktaalik? - Smithsonian
Founder Stories: Wanelo's Deena Varshavskaya On The Evolution Of Being A ... - TechCrunch

May 21 2014

Miss Saigon, Yellow Face and the colourful evolution of answer plays - The Guardian
Big Creationist Fight Breaks Out At Christian College; Somebody's Doing Heresy! - Wonkette (satire)
Bryan College Is Torn: Can Darwin and Eden Coexist? - New York Times
Fired anti-gay HGTV hosts: Teaching evolution is Satan's 'toehold' in the ... - Raw Story
Evolution In Action; Google's New Panda 4.0 Rollout - Forbes

May 20 2014

Evolution Has Elevated Batista's WWE Career - Bleacher Report
The evolution of London: the city's near-2,000 year history mapped
Why Fly? Flightless Bird Mystery Solved, Say Evolutionary Scientists
Evolution Of The Universe Since Big Bang Illustris Simulation ...
Watch: 136 Years of Special Effects Evolution in a Three-Minute Video - Wired
Anti-Evolution Bills Are Defeated In Missouri - io9
Stipulation added to The Shield vs. Evolution match at WWE Payback 2014 - Cageside Seats (blog)
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